Rauma - The town of seafarers

Rauma Maritime Museum offers you an in-depth view to the maritime cultural heritage of Rauma, the third-oldest town in Finland, to which the sea and seafaring have always been vitally important.

Guidance for your visit

The Guide Compass is a mobile guide that is accessible with your own smart phone, tablet or other device that you can use to connect to the internet via the visitor network in the Maritime Museum. Also guided museum tours in English are available for groups – please book ahead!

Museum also for the smallest in the family

Rauma Maritime Museum offers experiences for children, too. In most museums touching is not allowed – the Maritime Museum guides children to learn by playing and touching artifacts that are marked with signs “Please, touch!” (or in Finnish “Koske tähän”). Our navigation simulator JENNY is under construction and available during Summer 2019. 

Have a ball in Rauma Maritime Museum!

Invite your guests to enjoy a dinner or a meeting in a marine atmosphere. Your evening can include e.g. a guided tour around the museum, a sailing trip in the navigation simulator and a delicious dinner. Please contact us for further information!

Welcome to Rauma Maritime Museum!